2022-06-14 19:11 Posted by Vincas Phono

Agnė Kairienė sends its warmest regards. How the most beautiful family traditions are born:

"Addicted to music and books. That's how our friends and family describe us. And they're not wrong. There was a time when there were a lot more books in the house, but with the advent of the turntable, the number of records started to increase rapidly. 

We've been dreaming of a turntable for a long time. It just needed to grow up, I guess. I wanted to find a special place for the turntable in my home and in my heart.

After moving into our new home and the birth of our daughter, who has been as interested in music as we are from the very first days of her life, we realised that it was time. Christmas was coming up, so we thought it would be a great present for ourselves. And it certainly was and is!

Now we have a tradition that after dinner the whole family picks a plate and dances together. It's the most magical and best part of the day, bringing lots of beautiful emotions and strengthening the bond."

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The stories are short introductions to the people who bought their first turntable, started or continue an inherited vinyl collection. We want to share the paths and ways in which turntables have made their way into your home. 

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