Black Gentleman - Crosley C6B

2022-07-11 13:21 Posted by Vincas Phono

Crosley turntable hard at work Donatos at home:

"Music has been around me everywhere since I was a little girl. Even on my birthday, my grandparents used to play these old Lithuanian folk songs under the glass. And my parents grew up with Queen, ABBA, Modern Talking and BoneY M. At music school I loved sacred and classical music.

My grandmother always had vinyl records on the floor, and the turntable was no longer there, so I always say that when I grow up, I'll buy a turntable and take those records with me. So that's how the first records in the house were by Povilaitis, Ensemble Lithuania, Bach, Schubert and Mozart, but there was still no turntable. My record collection grew: I collected R.Steward and more classical records from my dad." - Donata shares her love for music.

Photos by Donata Juškė

"And bam! One day I saw advertising on social media and their beautiful turntables. For me, it's not just about the design, it's about the sound quality! I really wanted that vinyl crunch at home! 🙂 And now we have a black one in our house Crosley C6B A gentleman! He has a lot to do in our house: my child Leo loves to listen to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody every weekend morning, I like to listen to Chopin or Mozart in the evenings, and my husband chooses his music according to the mood and the weather... and we all unanimously put Queen's "We will rock you" on when we just want a motivation bomb or a turbo-mega mood.

The Crosley turntable has added even better music to our home! And anyway, music makes life more fun! Now I'm dreaming and I want an Adele or a vinyl record of some French music. My turntable deserves some more romantic sounds too :)"

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