The gift that gets the party started - Crosley Voyager

2022-05-31 11:59 Posted by Vincas Phono

Another turntable journey to a new home, this time with Armin:

"I've loved listening to music since I was a little girl. A few years ago, my relationship with music grew stronger - I started to get more interested, learned how to play the DJ console and nowadays I share different old school beats at parties in my free time. 

I had dreamt of having a turntable and knew that one day I would have one in my house, and it came out of the blue. There was a party where I came as a participant, but at the end I played as a DJ. A few days later it was my birthday. The organisers gave me a turntable and a vinyl record by Freaks on Floor to congratulate me on my birthday and thank me for the party. 

I'm slowly starting my record collection and I can't imagine the rhythms of 70's, 80's, 90's music."

- - - 

The stories are short introductions to the people who bought their first turntable, started or continue an inherited vinyl collection. We want to share the paths and ways in which turntables have made their way into your home. 

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