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2022-05-02 11:30 Posted by Vincas Phono

A gift from friends For Eivileiand has become more than just a pretty home accent.

"My friends were very good with my birthday present, because I got a gift voucher for a turntable I not only chose the most beautiful home, but I also got the love of my soul. 🖤

I was so happy when I had the opportunity to listen to all the vinyls of my dad's youth and get to know the music he liked. It was even happier when I realised that there were tunes that I liked too. ABBA, Smokie, Diana Ross, Kenny Rogers - these were the gems to be found and they were the first in my collection. 📀

Of course, I started to add to my record collection by choosing music that I hum while walking down the street, singing in the shower or listening to at full volume in the car. The ones I feel most comfortable with. All the new records next to the turntable came about by accident. That's what makes them lovely. Some reminded me of something, others I bought at concerts with the artists' signatures, others were given to me by friends. 🎶

I think they did a great service not only to me, but also to themselves, because this year they already knew very well what to give. 🖤

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The stories are short introductions to the people who bought their first turntable, started or continue an inherited vinyl collection. We want to share the paths and ways in which turntables have made their way into your home. 

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