A stylish classic - Crosley C62

2022-04-27 11:50 Posted by Vincas Phono

The Crosley C62, a stylish classic that has found its place Spruce at home: 

"I've been dreaming about a turntable for years, but I couldn't find one, and then a year ago, for my birthday, I got one as a present. I didn't get the turntable itself, but Phono gift voucherso I was able to buy the option that was most attractive to me.

It didn't take me long - my eyes and heart were immediately captured Crosley C62so the next day it was already playing in my house."

"The vinyl collection is still modest, but it is constantly supplemented by donated and purchased records. The first one I bought myself just after I got Crosley was Vytautas Kernagis' Teisingos Dainos. I always thought that a Kernagi record should be in everyone's home ☺️

Before I got the turntable, I had a few records that are now the most listened to at home - US3, Jeru the Damaja, A Tribe Called Quest."

Crosley C62

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