A nice surprise - Crosley Voyager

2022-04-26 14:17 Posted by Vincas Phono

A surprise that might not have worked. How so? We share Margarita's smile-inducing story:

"It all started last spring, when I thought of giving my husband (then-to-be) a turntable, because the theme of turntables/recorders keeps coming up in our history in different forms. 

It was a terribly risky move - vinyl sentiment was already in the air, and I was afraid my husband would buy first. What the hell!! I saw a browser tab on his phone with Crosley Voyagerwhich he kept open for maybe a couple of weeks. You see, I am about to buy it. And I had the same one in the Phono shop. And I couldn't hurry things up, because the gift-giving occasion is not tomorrow. 

So I rang you and asked - what's the situation with returns? I remember a confused voice on the other end of the line: what's wrong with your purchase? Nothing has happened. It's just a strange thing - I want to buy a turntable, but I might end up with two identical ones. I have received confirmation that everything is ok - if that happens, I will be able to return it. Ugh, calm. As I approached THAT moment, I even got excited: so who's going to turn it first, him or me? 

I was still first, yeey! No need to return, surprise success, vinyls crackle, all good ;)"

Amazing, isn't it? It seems that another resident of the house is also enjoying the turntable. 

- - - 

The stories are short introductions to the people who bought their first turntable, started or continue an inherited vinyl collection. We want to share the paths and ways in which turntables have made their way into your home. 

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