Warranty Periods

Electronics products come with a 12-month warranty.

Which goods are excluded from the guarantee

Certain items are excluded from the warranty, such as various accessories (such as stands, bags, etc.), cables, needles and pins, vinyl records, etc. However, if you have purchased this type of product and have encountered a problem, please contact us and we will try to help.

Warranty conditions

  • Keep the original packaging of the product and all original accessories and documents. The original packaging of the item ensures the safe transport of the item if it needs to be transported to us and we will not be responsible for transporting the item to us if it has not been packed in the manufacturer's original packaging. The original packaging is also important because it often bears serial numbers which will not necessarily be on the product itself, and in the case of warranty services, the serial numbers are necessary information for the servicers.
  • If you have not retained the original packaging of the product and wish to contact us for after-sales service, you may do so, but there is no guarantee that the manufacturer's service department will not ask for the original packaging and accessories during the process. We will also ask you to pack your product as securely as you understand it so that it can be transported to the workshop in such packaging.
  • Keep the proof of purchase of the product, as this is essential to benefit from the after-sales service.
  • Once you have purchased the goods, you will receive a VAT invoice which you must present as proof of purchase. If you cannot find the VAT invoice but are sure you ordered online, your order number is required. If you have lost your cash register receipt but paid by card, look in your e-banking for a bank statement to confirm the purchase. If you paid in cash and have lost your receipt, we may not be able to help you.
  • Faults are usually repaired within 40 working days from the date the appliance is accepted for repair. The product will be replaced with a new one or a refund will be given if the fault cannot be rectified after the product has been in service during the warranty period. This is a matter for the manufacturer's authorised repairer to decide after inspection of the appliance, with a reply within 60 days of the product being handed over to the Warranty Inspectorate

Warranty does not apply

  • needles, needle holders (tonearm), batteries, accumulators, fuses, connecting cables, caps, locking mechanisms.
  • mechanical damage such as fractures, damage to the casing, broken/damaged wires, damage to the appliance if dropped, damage to the finish due to improper storage, etc.
  • discolouration (yellowing, soiling, etc.) of the device caused by any reason.
  • faults caused by improper connection of appliances to the mains or by disruptions in the electricity network.
  • faults caused by uneven power flow.
  • faults caused by exposure to chemicals.
  • faults caused by connecting the product to power supply, telecommunications or cable networks that do not comply with national standards.
  • failures due to external factors such as fire, humidity/water, temperature, thunderstorms, other natural causes.
  • faults that occur during the transport of the appliances when the buyer transports the appliances himself and does not ensure that the appliance is properly prepared for transport.
  • if traces of an attempt to enter the device are found, or if the product has not been repaired by a service centre authorised by the manufacturer.
  • if you find any changes to the design or circuitry of the device (other than those described in the user manual).
  • in the event of a fault caused by foreign objects, materials, liquids or animals (e.g. insects) entering the interior of the device.
  • faults caused by a computer virus, the installation of software not provided by the manufacturer, or the incorrect installation of the correct equipment.
  • if the serial number on the product has been altered, obliterated or cannot be identified.
  • if a software update or factory reset is needed to improve the performance of the device as it was at the time of sale.
  • in all other cases where the defects or malfunctions of the appliance are due to the buyer's failure to follow the user instructions, or where the defects in the item are due to the fault of third parties/force majeure.

Where to go for after-sales service?

Please contact us at phono@phono.shop or other contacts listed in the contact section, or you can simply come to our studio at Aukštaičių g. 6, Vilnius with the purchase document and we will accept the product for warranty service.