Tutorials and Advices

Plate and needle maintenance

To prolong the life of the needle and the turntable itself, maintain the plates carefully. Clean them with special anti-static brushes before each play. Keep an eye on the needle, if there is any dust accumulation, clean it with a special brush for cleaning needles.

Changing the needle

Every turntable wears out depending on how much it is used, especially the needle, which is a sensitive part. "Crosley turntables use either sapphire or durable diamond needles, depending on the model. There is no exact answer as to how long it takes to replace a needle, with manufacturers generally quoting a needle life of 1,000 hours. However, if you feel that the sound level is reduced, the needle is leaving a mark on the plate, or if the needle is not scanning the grooves of the plate accurately and is jumping around, it should be replaced.


Turntable belt replacement

Frequent use of the turntable can cause wear and loosening of the motor belt. If you feel that the rotation speed of the platter disc has changed, then the motor belt should be replaced. This is all very easy to do on Crosley turntables and here are video instructions on how to do it yourself.


How to replace the needle on Portfolio, Bermuda, T150, C62, Switch II:


How to replace the needle on Cruiser and Voyager turntables:


How to change the turntable dirthe goat: